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As I was preparing for Ashley and Brian’s wedding, knowing that theirs was only the beginning to this year’s wedding season, I thought about making something creative to be used as a prop. Sure, I thought about banners, chalkboard signs and the like, but I wanted something a little different. And so I came up with these:

I know a few of you on my facebook page were asking me how I made them.. and in case you’re looking to make something like this, here is how I did it. (And please ignore the low quality photos.. it was spur of the moment and used my iphone.)

What You’ll Need: Medium Width Black Ribbon, Two pieces of oval shaped wood (or whatever shape you desire), Flat Black spray paint, Sharpie White Paint Pen and 4 Darice D-Strap Frame Hangers 

Step One: Spray paint the oval shaped wood pieces – both the front and the back. Go back and forth so the paint is applied evenly. I applied a few coats to each side, letting it dry in between ensuring they were completely covered. And obviously do one side at a time and wait until each side is 100% dry before flipping it over.

Step Two: After they have completely dried, write out what you want written on your signs. (I used pencil to write it out on the oval pieces to ensure the wording was centered and how I wanted it to look.)

Step Three: Use the white paint pen to write out your words. (I ended up not using the exact pencil lines, but because it was pencil, I was able to erase them a bit and either way, I knew it wouldn’t be seen in the photographs.)

Step Four: Decorate! (I chose to draw white dots around the edges of the ovals. Also, I drew the dots, let them dry and then went back to apply another coat. You don’t have to do this, but the extra coat makes them a little bit whiter.)

Step Five: Evenly space out the Darice D-Strap Frame Hangers on the back of the wooden pieces that will be used for the ribbon. You will need two for each wooden piece. Place them approximately a half inch from the top, so the hangers aren’t seen from the front. Once you have them in place, nail them down.

Step Six: Cut two pieces of ribbon of the same length. I made mine extra long to leave enough room to tie it in a bow. Then thread the ribbon through the D-Strap Frame Hangers and then tie the ribbon in a bow. Make sure to leave enough room so the bride and groom can hold them (or so you can hang them up in your house).

And there ya have it! A super easy and quick project to spruce up your photos or your home. You could probably even use chalkboard spray paint to paint the wooden pieces and then you could change the wording to the season or to your photo sessions. (Mr. and Mrs., Bride and Groom, Love, etc.) Have fun with it and get creative! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!