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Back in February, I hosted a Cutest Couples Contest on my facebook page and this couple was my lucky winner! With well over two hundred votes, Mark and Morgan became the 2012 Kristina Kerns Photography Cutest Couple! Thanks to all their friends and the power of social media, they earned themselves a free photo session at Maymont Park.

These guys were open to anything so we were able to get some really great shots capturing their love and the joy that bursts from their relationship. Morgan was such a trooper being willing to sit just about anywhere with that gorgeous dress on. I’m so glad she was as some of my favorite shots came from the intimate moments of them sitting in the grass. And this girl really knows how to pull off that foot pop.. there was no directing on my end.. she’s a true natural!

That one above is seriously one of my favorites.
Isn’t it their love for each just so obvious?? I can’t wait until these guys get engaged!