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This past Sunday, I headed out with Zoe to take her senior portraits and what made this session even more special was the fact that we both brought our moms along for the ride. When doing senior portraits, most people bring at least one other person with them.. to help with outfits, hair, makeup touch-ups, etc. However, I’ve never brought my mom along with me to a shoot. It was Mother’s Day and naturally I wanted to spend the day with her. I scheduled Zoe’s session without even realizing it was a holiday. Instead of rescheduling, I invited my mom along for trip. And thank goodness, I did. Madness awaited us when we arrived at the park. I’ve never seen so many people in one place before. Thanks to my mom, we were able to get some shots of Zoe without anyone in the background. Who knew she’d be such a help?!? I know she was so excited to see me in action and now to see the fruits of my labor… So, here is just a quick peek into Zoe’s session. Many more to come!