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This past weekend I served on the leadership team for Richmond Chrysalis Flight 60. For those of you who don’t know anything about Chrysalis/Emmaus, it is a Thursday-Sunday Christian retreat. Emmaus is designed for adults, Chrysalis for youth and Journey for young adults. If you ever have the chance to attend one of these weekends, go. Don’t think twice. Just go. It will be with a doubt one of the most remarkable weekends of your life. You can learn more about Chrysalis/Emmaus here.

I went on my Chrysalis weekend as a sophomore in high school and teamed on leadership multiple times since. Last summer I teamed for the first time as an adult and was really affected by the outpouring of agape love I felt throughout the weekend (You can read more about that experience here). This time, however, I was in a much different role. I served as Head Adult Logistics and my weekend was consumed with making sure we were on time, that we were sticking to the schedule and ensuring everyone was where they needed to be at every second of the weekend. I left on Sunday emotionally, physically and mentally drained. I had put so much time into preparing for this weekend. Countless hours were spent organizing, planning and laying out every millisecond of that weekend. When it came time to go home on Sunday, I was ready. I was beyond ready. With only 10 hours of sleep throughout those four days, I was ready to go home, give my husband a kiss and call it a night.

Now that a few days have passed, I look back on that Chrysalis weekend with such joy. I don’t think about the logistics of it all, I think about how present God was throughout it. With God’s help, that weekend was flawless. And as I sat on Sunday listening to these girls talk about how positively affected they were by this weekend.. I knew at that very instant that every bit of sweat and tears was worth it.

Chrysalis offers a chance for new life. A chance to leave the life of a caterpillar behind.. and to start anew.. to start fresh as a butterfly. These girls on this weekend did just that. They left their burdens behind.. and claimed new life in Christ. Each one of them left with a spiritual high desiring to change their ways from that day forward.

But.. life happens. School gets in the way. Work becomes overwhelming. And friends reign supreme against our moral code. That spiritual high dissolves and we forget the transformation that took place. I know.. because I’ve been there before. I’m sure we all have. We go on all these wonderful retreats and leave with this awesome spiritual high.. only to let it slip away a few days or weeks later.

But.. we don’t have to let it go. And if we do, God doesn’t require us to go on another retreat just to get it back. God calls us each and every morning to be His servant. And we consciously make that choice each day as we wake up. We may not even always realize it, but each and every day we are choosing whether we want to be a follower of Jesus. So what is your choice today?

If you’re on a spiritual high right now.. don’t let it go. Stay strong in Christ and in the hope He offers. Find a friend or a group of friends to keep you accountable. Seek out a mentor. And above all else, keep praying. And if you’re experiencing one of the many valleys life throws at us, don’t be afraid to stand up and take His hand. Many of us tend to walk away from Christ when life is most difficult, but remember it’s much easier when we’re willing to let God carry us.

Don’t let your spiritual high drift away. Stay strong in your faith and the hope that God offers us each day. Make the choice today to be a follower of Jesus.