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I adore the Lambert family… literally, adore them. They are wonderful people and such great friends! I am so honored to be able to show you these photos of Hunter and Sammi. They were so fun to photograph and very easy going.

We showed up at Maymont Park and the place was packed. It probably took us a good twenty minutes to even find a parking spot. When scheduling a session, I do my best to make sure there aren’t any events going on that day that would interfere with our photos, but for some reason.. this day didn’t work out exactly as planned. Upon arrival we found out that Maymont was hosting it’s annual herb fair and over a hundred vendors were there selling herbs, flowers, trees and bushes to the public. If you’ve ever been to Maymont, you know how huge this place is and let’s just say this event took up most of their open fields.

So, needless to say, we had to improvise. We wandered through the Italian and Japanese Gardens and were able to find some really good shots. Due to the massive amount of people at the park, it was difficult finding some privacy (especially for changing outfits), but we totally made it work!

This next picture of Sammi is probably one of my favorites. In mid-discussion with Hunter, I saw the light coming in from behind her on the side and just had to snap this shot. I’m fairly certain she had no idea I was taking her picture and I think that’s why I love it.. It’s just her natural beauty. Oh, and Hunter.. you look good too.I love how they incorporated their Richmond Chrysalis shirts! TWINS!!
And we were even able to sneak their younger sister, Lauren, into a few of the photos… making the sibling trio complete.It was truly an honor to be able to capture these special moments between siblings… especially right before the twins head off to college. Hunter, you’ll do fabulously at the University of Richmond and you’ll fit in wonderfully. And Sammi, I know you’re going to love Christopher Newport! I hear they have an endless list of service and leadership opportunities which is just perfect for you! I know I’ll probably see you a hundred more times before you each walk onto campus in August, but nevertheless, I wish you both good luck and many blessings on your future!