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I’ve known the Hicks family for years.. long before they got married and had Jackson. And since we’ve reconnected in the past couple years, it’s been such a joy getting to know them all over again, but as family this time. And on top of all that, Breanne is pregnant again! She’s looking just as gorgeous as ever and little Jackson is super anxious to be a big brother. Justin and Breanne, your family is simply beautiful and I can’t wait to meet your newest addition in October.

The above photo is probably one of my favorites. Doesn’t that smile just make your heart skip a beat?

This photo of Breanne and Jackson just melts my heart. I just love how it shows the relationship between mother and son all in one photograph. Simply beautiful.

In the next couple weeks, Breanne and Justin will be finding out the gender of Baby Hicks.. so check back soon as we’ll be doing a special gender reveal.