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Do you watch the tv show “The Middle” on ABC? It’s quite entertaining.. it basically takes all of the faults of the average American family and combines them to make one family. They are full of failures, upsets, mistakes and disappointments to say the least. But through all of their disasterness, they still find love.

In a recent episode, the family attends the church of a close friend and the Pastor delivers a sermon about ‘getting your business done’ and making sure it’s all done before you die. The sermon strikes a chord with the entire family and they each go about their days trying to get their business done. The daughter, Sue, believes her business is an actual business in babysitting and calls is “Sue’s BabySUEtting Service.” Brick, the youngest child, feels his business is getting himself a new, bigger bed. Axl, the oldest child, believes his business is to spend more time with his brother and thus, tries to help Brick get a new bed. And Mike, the dad, calls his father to say thanks for being there for him after his mom died and believes his business is now done. 

The mom, Frankie, on the other hand struggles throughout the episode with what her business is.. Initially, she thinks her business involves the craft of beading. Then, she believes her business involves helping other people and stray animals. Frankie’s thoughts run wild as she tries to figure out exactly what her business is. Her blood pressure is going through the roof as she wants to make sure she gets her business done before she dies. The episode ends soon thereafter basically leading you to believe Frankie’s business is just being a mom and making sure everyone else gets their business done.

As I was watching this episode, I was getting really excited thinking ABC was going to put a positive spin on this sermon and really entice people to figure out what their business is.. and while, the show didn’t give me exactly what I was hoping for.. it did get me thinking.

We are all here on earth to get our business done. Whether you are a stay at home mom, a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, a waitress working double-shifts to make ends meet, or are currently unemployed, we are all here to get our business done. God calls each of us by name to live out His plan. We all have a purpose and everything that we do here on earth is part of that plan. Little stuff, big stuff.. it all matters. Now, you may be thinking.. how is sitting in front of a computer for 50 hours a week part of God’s plan.. or how is being unemployed for the past two years part of God’s plan..? Well… every single bit of it matters. When you do everything you do for the glory of God, it all matters. You don’t have to be someone famous to do something great for God’s Kingdom. Scripture reminds us that everything we do can be seen as an act of worship. 1 Corinthians 10:31 says, “Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” We were created to do EVERYTHING for the glory of God… from mopping floors to counting numbers to acting on a stage.

Whether you are working for a paycheck, volunteering at a local shelter or picking up after your children all day.. every single thing that you do matters when its done for the glory of God. Let’s not draw a line between our spiritual life and the rest of our life.. let’s have them merge together. God is in the details. He is interested in EVERY part of your life. Every single moment matters. When you spend your days seeking new ways to make God smile… then friend, that’s getting your business done.