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So many people come to me asking what the appropriate print size would be for their living room, bedroom etc. and I’ve done by best in helping them choose the perfect size. However, going off someone else’s opinion can still be a little unsettling…

I’ve always wanted to create a chart to help people choose the right size print for them, but never got around to it. But I ended up finding this size comparison chart floating through the Internet and thought I’d share. I wish I could give credit to who made it but I wasn’t able to find that information… either way I thought I’d make a quick post about it and how helpful it is!

Update: The infographic was created by Keven Seaver of Keven Seaver Photography. Thanks Keven for posting and sharing with the rest of us so we can use this helpful tool!

Before you start choosing sizes, it’s important to look at the room you’re planning on using. Take a look at the wall you’re using. How much space do you have? What kind of furniture is in the room? You’ll want to balance your furniture with your art and also with your wall space.

Take a look at this chart. It’s an easy way of showing how big sizes are compared to people. Hanging an 8×10 over a queen bed would just look silly. But, if you hang that same image but in as a 24×30 print, the balance will look much more pleasing and appropriate. If you want to take it even further, take some wrapping paper and cut out the dimensions below and fit them in your space to get a visual of how the size will take up the available space.

Still confused? No worries. Each time you schedule a session with me, I’m more than willing to come by your house and asses the rooms that you want photos hung. We can look at the differences in canvas wraps and thin wraps and regular framed images and then we can take a look at the wide variety of sizes available. Each of them make a different statement and discussing this together will help you achieve exactly what you want in each room.