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I picked up this magnet at a recent Casting Crowns/Matthew West/Royal Tailor/Lindsay McCaul concert I went to with my sister. She was puzzled as to why I even picked it up since I don’t even live in North Carolina… but I guess the main reason was because it said “new life” and that’s the name of my church. Yeah, stupid I know.. but once I picked it up, it’s not like I could go back to the table and say.. “ehh. I don’t think I want this”.. so I went with it and stowed it away in my purse throughout the evening. I didn’t think much of the magnet the rest of the night, but on my way home from my sister’s house.. it kinda dawned on me.. Jesus is like a radio station.

He is like a beautiful, 24-hour station thats plays all the music and information you’ve ever needed to know. Some of it is light and fluffy music.. easy to hear. And some of it isn’t. And sometimes, he’ll repeat the same songs just to drive a point home. Another great thing about 24 hour radio stations is that listeners can call in at any time- making requests, asking questions, commenting on the choice of music, participating in discussions, etc. There is no limit with 24 hour stations.. and there’s no limit with Jesus.

His radio station is always available.. and never becomes static, but with so many different stations to choose from- it is up to us to go looking for Him and to choose Him above all the rest. He won’t force us to listen to His station… we have to select Him. But He promises that if we choose Him, we won’t ever need any other station. His station may not always tell us what we want to hear, but it will definitely tell us all we’ve ever needed to hear. And while we can control the volume of music.. we can also make Him more prominent in our life or simply reduce him to being background noise. It is up to us to determine how much of an impact we want His station to make.

And the best part? Jesus’ station is free. There aren’t any advertisements playing between songs – He makes His station available to anyone and everyone, at no cost to us.

Just as the music is inside the radio, Jesus is also inside us- making us the radio and Jesus the broadcasting station. And he can be with us at every moment, if we so choose to let Him. He’s always there..always playing and all we have to do is tune in. Are you tuning in to 77.7 today?

(by the way.. if Jesus ever had a radio station.. I would think He would choose something meaningful like 77.7 or 316.0- but who knows.. maybe He would have surprised us with 69.0  – just sayin.)