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My husband almost always has a rubber band around his wrist. I’m not sure why and to be honest, I’ve never even asked or even really cared. I don’t think it serves any purpose; it’s just there. I usually have a hair tie on my wrist and occasionally a rubber band if my hair tie has broke, but it’s never been something I’ve consistently worn…

During this Lenten season, I’ve been really trying to develop my faith beyond the aspect of just being a fan of Jesus. I bought a book a few months ago called “not a fan” by Kyle Idleman – before I started reading it, I talked to my pastor about it to gain his insight. He explained that this book was going to be the base for our upcoming Lenten series. So, I held off reading it and finally was able to start it a couple weeks ago. Needless to say, the book is awesome. It’s pretty deep, but uses satire to really keep the reader going. We only just started the study series – involving video lessons, group discussions and a personal journal- but already my world is evolving.

At one point in the study, Idlemnan says, “We say to Jesus, I don’t mind you making some changes in my life,’ but Jesus wants to turn your life upside down. We say, ‘I don’t mind a little touch-up work’ but Jesus wants a complete renovation. We’re thinking tune-up, He’s thinking overhaul. We think a little decorating, why not, but Jesus wants a complete remodel.”

I’ve been asked time and time again about what doors of my life am I keeping shut to Jesus.. what areas of my life am I not allowing Jesus to come into..? But the truth is.. they’re all open. All my doors are open for Jesus.. it’s just that.. my doors aren’t wide open. I tend to let Jesus in a little, but not to the extent He wants. Mainly because.. I know He’ll drastically change my life once those doors fly wide open. I’ll take a touch-up any day.. but a complete renovation? Now, that’s a bit scarier.

As I’ve taken on this study, I’ve really tried to be more open to having Jesus interfere in my life. I want God to stretch me and mold me in ways like never before.. and to move mountains in my life.. but I seem to only want it when it’s convenient for me. The moment He moves out of my comfort zone.. that’s when it becomes difficult. When God really starts to move in my life, that’s when my faith is tested.

When a rubber band isn’t used, it’s pointless. When it’s just sitting on my desk, it’s useless. But when stretched, it’s fulfilling it’s purpose. When they’re extended beyond their standard form, they can hold things together and accomplish their purpose. Our faith is much like a rubber band.. it’s pretty useless unless it is stretched. Our faith needs to be tested; we need to be pushed outside our comfort zones.. because that is when our faith grows and God can do His work to strengthen us. When we are willing to step out and stretch ourselves, God steps in and does what we can’t do.

I love this visual of rubber band faith. And you’ll now find me wearing a rubber band around my wrist. But this time it’s not to be used as a faux hair tie. No. This time, it serves as a daily reminder that God wants to stretch me.. to stretch me in ways I may not be comfortable with, beyond my means.. but that with Him by my side, He can help me do the impossible.

True faith begins at the edge of your comfort zone. Today, be bold and courageous and step out, letting God extend you. Just like a rubber band, you were made to be stretched. Let God extend you beyond what you think is impossible…