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A few months ago, a friend told me about a site called FreeCrappyPortraits.com – it’s where you email them any picture(s) you want to be drawn by one of their terrible artists. And in fact, all their artists really aren’t all that crappy, in fact some of them are quite good. They all have normal jobs with normal lives.. they just spend a bit of their free time drawing crappy portraits of random people from all over the world. So, anyways, in the email, you write a little blurb about yourself – the more interesting/creative/outlandish/detailed the description is, the more likely it will be chosen to get drawn. After you send everything off to freecrappyportraits@gmail.com you wait… and you wait… and then you wait some more.

I had completely forgotten about the whole thing until the other day when I glanced in my inbox and saw.. (drumroll please….) my free crappy portrait! You may be wandering why I’m even sharing this and I frankly there is no real reason. Just because it’s fun and it’s a crappy Monday and we could all use a laugh.

So.. without further adieu..

Here are the images we submitted:

And here is the blurb we submitted:

We’re Kristina and Christopher. Married in almost 2 feet of snow in January 2010. Why we chose January, I’ll never know. Two children.. boxers. Twizzler and Goober. We’re all huge Notre Dame fans if you couldn’t tell by our get-up. Christopher loves football, baseball and hockey. Notre Dame. Tennessee Titans. Washington Nationals and Washington Capitals. He’s sorta a sports geek- as in his brain is filled with more sports knowledge than any other knowledge. Oh, and he likes a good beer every now and then. Kristina… kinda a nerd.. kinda a wine-o. She’s a photographer, loves the Pittsburgh Steelers, is a bit high maintenance (okay, really high maintenance) and never leaves home without her iPad. She loves sushi and seafood and hates cheese and doesn’t eat red meat. Christopher loves cheese and red meat and of course hates anything that comes from the ocean. You can say it’s hard to cook around our house. Twizzler and Goober.. well they love giving kisses, playing football in the backyard and eating off our plates, but nothing beats a good ol’ tummy rub.

And here is our crappy portrait:

I love our crappy portrait. I love how it reflects the fact that our dogs are the real owners of our house and we are just random people in a portrait on the wall. Seems so apropos as our lives really do revolve around the ones we love.

Or.. you could look at it and see how much our little pups adore and look up to us and can’t live another second without us because we are just that important to them. Yup that’s it.

Either way, thanks FCP for capturing the true essence of our family. 🙂

If you’d like to learn more about getting your very own free crappy portrait, go to: http://www.freecrappyportraits.com/getyours