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New Life UMC Costa Rica Mission Trip Shirt

My father and sister (and some other members of New Life UMC) are leaving tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn to jump on a plane bound for Costa Rica. What an incredible experience they will have, I’m sure. The affects mission trips have on someone can be so transforming and I know that God will work wonders in their lives throughout these next ten days. I absolutely cannot wait to hear all about their experiences.. with the people of Costa Rica and their culture, the serving they will be doing, their free time exploring the country.. everything!

As my father prepared for the devotion he is supposed to lead one of the days during the trip, I could already see his faith growing. He isn’t one to talk openly about his faith or to even read scripture aloud amongst a group. And even though he doesn’t really have much of a choice, he is willingly giving this devotion. He has spent many hours preparing and fine tuning what he is going to say and I know his words will touch someone who hears them. And I KNOW, without question, he will surprise someone. As I said, my dad isn’t open about his feelings and to be completely honest, my dad is more of a goofball than anything else. And for the mission team to witness something so personal and deep will truly be amazing. I wish I could be a fly on the wall at the moment. Oh, what I would give…

My sister is also shy when it comes to sharing personal feelings and is pretty reluctant when having to dive out of her comfort zone. For them both to be going on this journey together is such a blessing for my family. I know their relationship will be strengthened and that they will grow towards Christ together throughout the experience. God has some amazing things in store for them and for the rest of the mission team.

As I sit here and think about how excited I am for them all to go on this journey, I can’t help but feel a little jealous. I wanted to go on this trip, so very badly. But with Twizzler’s chemotherapy, Christopher and I both knew that we weren’t in the right financial state to be sending one or both of us on this trip. We reluctantly opted out, but soon found peace about our decision. However, just hours before they are leaving, the feelings of jealously are coming over me, especially since my dad, sister and my best friend are all going. Man, what I would do to venture on this journey with them. But… I have to remind myself of the decision I had made many months ago and the peace that came with it. God has a plan for this mission team and for some reason or another, I was not meant to be apart of it. However, I also know that because part of my family, my best friend and some other friends are going.. I know I need to be their prayer warrior. And just as I type this, I’m getting constant reassurance from God that this is my purpose and my way of participating. This is what He has called me to do for this team. I will continually lift them up in prayer from now until the second they touch down back in Richmond. After all, the greatest gift we can give someone is the gift of prayer.

Won’t you join me in prayer for this very special mission team?

Lord, I just pray for each and every person going on this mission trip to Costa Rica. I pray that all of their travel arrangements go as planned and for safety on the road and in the air. I especially pray for their health and comfort as they venture in to a foreign country. I pray they seek Your guidance and wisdom to ensure safety throughout the trip. Lord, I pray that You would be glorified in EVERY aspect of this trip and that You would work wonders in not only the lives of the mission team, but in the lives of every person they encounter. I pray that Your unconditional love would radiate in and through each of their lives and that they use each of their gifts and talents as You call them to do. Lord, I pray for constant flexibility as plans are inevitable to change and that each of them are patient and just trust Your plan entirely. I pray for the relationships and friendships that they form, both within the team itself and with those they are serving. And above all, God, I just pray that lives are changed by the work the team does and by the words they share. I pray that lives are transformed as You work continually in and through their lives. In Your name we pray, Amen.