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As a kid, I was into everything I shouldn’t have been. If my parents told me the warnings about something, I pretty much did the opposite. And I always questioned why things were the way they were. For instance.. If my mom was cooking dinner and told me not to touch the pot on the stove, I would ask why. I simply wondered why I couldn’t touch the pot. She would go on to say how hot it was and that it was dangerous. And then.. what would I do..? Touch the pot. No matter the warning signs my mother gave me, I was intrigued and needed to find out for myself. I should have known better. Even if I hadn’t known how badly it would have hurt, I should have trusted my mother.

But don’t we do this all the time? Don’t we touch or pick up something we know we should have left alone? The Corinthians did. They were continually fed lies and it began to tear apart their community of faith. The list of sin was long… sexual immorality, conflicts within marriage, divorce, disbelief, alienation, bigotry, heresy… the list goes on. But the book of Corinthians is more than a list of sins; it’s really a letter about patience, not just to the Corinthians but to each of us. Paul began his letter without discrimination. He didn’t call them hypocrites, but rather welcomed them by referring to them as his brothers. He was addressing the church not only to warn them of their sin, but to encourage them towards repentance.

Paul may have written this letter to church in Corinth, but it is really for each and every one of us who have been tempted by something we should have left alone. The Corinthians knew what they believed was right, but they turned against it anyway. They were warned of the implications of sin, but sinned anyway.

Just like the Corinthians, we too have been tempted by something we knew was wrong. Each of us have been in a situation similar to the ones of the Corinthians. We’ve been warned of the penalties of sin, but gave in to the temptation anyway. Instead of putting our trust in God and our faith, we are intrigued by the misleading desires the devil presents us.

Thankfully, no matter how many times we ‘touch the boiling pot,’ we are continually given another chance. God knows we are imperfect and because of His everlasting love for us, He continues to show mercy upon us when we sin. When we mess up and turn against God, He is waiting for us to return to Him ready and willing to envelop us in grace. We can wake up each morning anew, knowing we are wiped clean by His love. What an amazing thing we are given when we put our trust in Jesus!