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If you don’t already know by now, Christopher and I are pretty avid runners. We started running late last summer and have been pretty much addicted ever since. That was… until we hit this big brick wall. We just all of a sudden stopped. Our lives became insanely crazy once the Flying Squirrels baseball schedule picked up. He’s always at the games, so I decided to pick up more shifts at my second job. We’ve been working a lot, which is great for the bank account, but wipes us out physically. We’ve been getting a lot less sleep because once we both get home from our second jobs, we want to stay up for a little while and actually spend some time together. And therefore, less sleep meant there was no way we were getting up at 4am to workout. Thus, the past few weeks we haven’t been doing much of anything.

That is..until today. On Saturday, we signed up for this program called Academy of Strength at our gym (American Family Fitness). We figured if we were paying extra for a new program, we would be more apt to get up and go to the gym. Well, we made it there this morning and I’m pretty sure my legs are hating me for it. Heck, who am I kidding? I think my whole body hates me for it. I’m sure some of it has to do with my lack of intense training recently, but also because that class just simply kicks your butt. (The picture in my post just shows a short snippet of the torture we endured.) But, hey, no pain no gain, am I right? It was good though. We left feeling refreshed and ready to start our new routine.

Have you ever experienced something similar? Maybe not with exercise, but what about with your faith? Sometimes when our study habits become routine, we tend to do it out of habit without any passion or desire. Just like me with my running, we get so used to doing the same ol’ thing that we start getting bored or not getting enough out of it. And while I still love running, my body wasn’t getting the workout it needed. It became too habitual.

A lot of times, we go through the motions with our devotionals and studies. We forget the true meaning behind what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. Our mind and heart can become bored because of the monotony. Or it simply stops growing. I urge you to mix up your walk of faith. Try a different Bible study or join a group study. There are many studies out there that involve popular Christian songs, videos, current events, etc. Just because something has always worked for you and you enjoy it, doesn’t mean there isn’t something else out there that will also work. The change in routine may just push you to grow in ways you couldn’t even imagine!