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Life is full of battles and all too often, we try and go at it alone. Instead of turning to the One we know will give us the strength to persevere, we cover the battles of life up with quick fixes. Instead of dieting the correct way.. the way of living a healthy lifestyle and slowly working towards your goal weight.. we want quick fixes. Young girls stop eating hoping to wake up one day as the skinny girl she longs to be. Boys use steroids as an ‘overnight’ cure for their desire to be fit and muscular. When prepping a house to sell, homeowners go to great lengths to make it look pretty. And many times its done via the quick fix route. Instead of fixing the rotting wood, people paint over it. Instead of replacing the carpet where a child spilled paint, they cover it with furniture. We all want to look good from the outside, no matter the cost. We all desire the quick fixes of life.

But.. when are we going to start tackling the inside? When are we going to take the time to get to the root of the problem and truly resolve the issue at hand? When is this change in outlook going to be reversed?

For many people, it unfortunately won’t ever be. They’ll constantly spend their days being a people pleaser and prepping themselves to look good on the outside, not allowing others to see what lies within. People cover up anger and depression with fake smiles and half-hearted laughs. People dismiss the storms raging in their life in order to be perceived as the family we all so long to be in the American dream. Marriages are often destroyed because couples are too vain and prideful to communicate with one another or to seek help. As a troubling society, we concern ourselves way too much with the end result rather than the journey. We become easily frustrated when processes don’t work or take too long. We give up and move on to another quick fix. Oh, how we are so impatient.

When we take the time to get to the root of the issue, we are able to see how the problems began and we can rely on God to help us overcome. He is strong enough to help us overcome any battle we may face. It is when we finally rely on the fact that we need to put our trust in Him, that He begins to shine through. However, remember that God isn’t a quick fix kind of guy. There is no ‘overnight’ pill that we can take to make our lives better. He delights in the journey, in the process of growing and becoming stronger. God doesn’t focus on our outward appearances because after all, we were all made in His image. Rather, God works in our lives to build our faith, strengthen our character and sharpen our lives to be better disciples for Him.

It’s time to cling to the Hope we know will get us through the storm. You may be in the storm of the century, but always remember that when your hope is Him, He will follow through. Don’t tell God how big your storm is… He already knows. Tell your storm just how BIG our God is.