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Where do you spend most of your time? Most of your energy? Most of your money? Because I’m currently working two jobs, I probably spend most of my time working. And I think we can all agree that most of our energy is spent getting things done. I’m not sure my list of ‘to-dos’ will ever be finished. And money. Well, for the past five or six months most of our money has been spent on Twizzler’s chemotherapy.

Of all those things I just listed, the only thing that seems worthwhile in the long run is our daughter’s cancer treatment. (Yes, until the day I die, I will forever call my dogs my children.) And if it was up to me, I wouldn’t spend almost nine hours a day working… sometimes fourteen hours if I work both jobs, like today. There are so many other things I would rather spend my time doing. And my energy.. well, I do love the satisfaction that comes with completing a task, but in the grand scheme of things.. none of it really matters.

My time, money and energy aren’t really being invested properly. Yesterday, I talked about how work cannot be the source of our happiness, which you can read about here. And today is somewhat of a follow-up. When we spend our time and money doing things that aren’t worthwhile, why are we even doing them in the first place? So, take a minute and think about your life. What are you investing your time, money and energy in? Are they worthwhile investments?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll agree that we all have some mixed up priorities. God is the manager of all things here on earth. He is the manager of our time and our money. Technically, all of it is on loan to us from God. He gives us enough to live a comfortable lifestyle along with giving back to Him and His kingdom. So, if God promises to provide for our needs, why do we always seem to push the envelope and want more than necessary?

When you look at your time.. how much of it do you spend serving others? When was the last time you volunteered? As Christopher and I were filing our tax returns, we reviewed our volunteer hours and compared them to the previous year. YIKES! Our volunteering went down drastically this past year. And we can give as many excuses we want of how we were busy getting married, buying a house, moving, etc. But, if we were really honest with ourselves.. we had the time and chose to invest it in other places. Are you living a life similar to ours? Always busy or perfectly content doing nothing, but still never finding the time to be a disciple of Christ?

When you look at your energy and how you spend it.. how much of it do you spend giving back to God? How is your prayer life? How often are you investing in your relationship with Christ? As I’ve grown up and thankfully matured, I’ve realized how valuable and imperative it is to have a strong relationship with Christ. While I am far from where I should or even want to be.. I am strides beyond where I was even a few months ago. The more energy I’ve spent into growing with Christ, the more I see Him work within my life and boy, is it amazing! I pray that I can one day become more religious (pun intended) in doing daily devotions and finding more ways to connect with other Christians.

When you look at your finances.. how much of it do you spend giving to others or your church? I know.. I can open a huge can of worms here talking about tithing and financial giving, but it’s something we all struggle with and I feel it’s something we should freely discuss. So, how are you spending your money? When you look at your check register or bank statement, where is your money going? Are you investing in worthwhile things? I struggle with this area daily and to be honest, saving money is really hard for Christopher and I. We know we should.. but when it comes to down to it, it’s a lot easier said than done. However, because of Twizzler’s chemotherapy we have made sacrifice after sacrifice just to make the payments, along with keeping up with all of our other bills (especially since our aim is to stay 100% debt free forever). Life can be hard, but I know that God will continue to provide for us as long as we continue to give back to Him. And one day, I hope that we can increase our weekly giving, especially so that God can continue to do amazing things within our church. We believe in our church and we also believe that God has a great and wonderful plan for it.. so therefore, we should invest in it in order for God’s plan to become a reality.

The key for us to keep in mind is that when we give out of obligation or without sacrifice, we aren’t really doing what God asks us to do. God asks us to give sacrificially. The reward for giving out of your abundance is small, but the reward for giving out of your livelihood is great because it requires greater trust and dependence upon the Lord.
Giving is simply a reflection of your heart. It reveals which you love more, God or the world. It reveals whether your priority is God’s kingdom or your own. It reveals how much you trust God for your own future. You will never handle anything less significant than money nor more revealing of your heart. Giving sacrificially and with a cheerful heart, expecting nothing in return is, in my opinion, one of the hardest things to do as a Christian. But when we do what God calls us to do, He will always provide and will work wonders with what we give Him.

So.. are you investing properly? Let’s promise to keep each other accountable as we embark on this journey of Godly investments. We may end up with less time and money here on earth, but we’ll be gaining ten-fold in heaven.