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A friend of mine told me something last night that I found pretty profound. “Work should not be your source of happiness.” For me, that was a ‘wow’ moment. While I long to do something on a daily basis that I am passionate about, I need to remember that it should not be what makes me happy.

Holding hands with my hubster, a sweet conversation with him over a delicious meal, cuddling up with our ‘children’ to watch a movie, going on a relaxing walk acknowledging the beauty that surrounds us, a family gathering (i.e. dying Easter eggs or game nights), trail runs along the Swift Creek Reservoir, a faithful building worship experience, bargain shopping with my mom at yard sales, baseball games in heat of summer, margaritas with friends… those are the things that should make my heart skip a beat, jump with excitement and shout for joy. Not my work.

And from this moment on.. I’m really going to make an effort to remember that every day of my life. I know I’ll have another crappy day at work that will put me in a bad mood, but I’m going to make every intention to not let it ruin my whole day. My job is not my everything. My faith.. my friends.. and my family.. those are the things that make my days whole. They are what complete me and if I still have those things.. then what’s to be upset about?

My heart cries out in happiness. I am so thankful for all the blessings in my life and that my love tank is full. I pray that yours is also. And I pray that you begin this journey with me, remembering that work is not the source of our happiness… and it shouldn’t affect the wonderful things in our life that DO make us happy.