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I’ve basically had all of ten minutes to breathe today. And while I’m grateful the day went by quickly, it would have been nice to have a moment or two to just sit down and breathe. But, no such luck. Have you ever had a day like that before? Who am I kidding? I’m sure you have. We all have those crazy, hectic days where you just wonder when it’s all going to end, but it never seems to. Well, today, I had one of those days. One of those hair pulling out kind of days. But no matter the stress and anxiety, more than anything, it just makes me extremely grateful.

Grateful? Yes. Grateful. I am extremely grateful to have a job. I am grateful to be employed in the city of my choice, that of which is extremely close to my family (as in a half marathon would get me to my parent’s house). And I’m grateful to be employed making pretty decent money giving me the ability to pay for chemotherapy for our sweet ‘daughter’ and still have extra cash left over to pay the bills. I’m so very grateful. Grateful that I am pursuing a career that is exactly what I went to school for (thanks Waynesburg University.. err.. thanks Mom and Dad for paying for my education). And grateful that at the end of the day, I simply have a job. I am so grateful, especially in this devastating economy. And because crazy days like today just ensure the necessity of my job and that when I come in tomorrow, my stuff will still be in my desk.

You may be confused as to why I write this post of gratitude towards the job that had me at my wits end yesterday. Well, as much as work drives me bonkers sometimes.. I am still grateful to be employed. And I hope that as you sit down to read this, it makes you take a minute out to realize what you’re grateful for in your life. Yes, your job may not be your dream job and have you wanting to kill a coworker with a butter knife somedays, but you still have a job and that’s something to thank God for everyday. And yes, your home may be falling down around you (did I mention we are having major and I mean major deck issues?), but you still have a place to call home that provides shelter for your family each night. But maybe you don’t have a job and you’re struggling in this lowsy economy…and there just never seems to be anything to be truly grateful for… what then?

Well, use this time as a time to seek out what God is calling you to do. This point in your life where you are without employment happened for a reason. Maybe God is calling you to a different career or to start a family or travel the world. Who knows, but use this time to seek out where God is calling you and then be grateful for your time to reflect and grow closer to Christ. It may not be easy, believe me, I know. But, continue to be grateful to God for simply blessing you with another day.