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In all honesty, I don’t think the events of Holy Week have ever been so meaningful to me. I ‘got’ what Easter was all about, but never truly understood it and let it take ahold of my heart like I have this year. How about you? Have you let the events that took place so very long ago have a lasting impact on your heart?

To think about what He went through today so long ago just leaves me speechless. I can’t imagine what He went through, what He felt or the pain He was feeling (emotional or physical). And to even begin to comprehend it, only makes me realize that whatever I perceive it be, it was a hundred times worse. The betrayal He felt, the agony He went through as He carried the cross.. I can’t.. imagine. But to carry the cross with such honor as soldiers were standing by scoffing Him blows my mind. Oh, Jesus.. what pain He went through. I cannot express just how I feel when I think of His saving grace.

Beaten without mercy, almost as if it was a game, He still held His head high. Never did He defend Himself or lash out in their utter stupidity. He knew it was of God’s will. He took the nails for us without a fight and bore our sins out of love. He gave us a hope that we can hold to and the grace we didn’t deserve. He saved us… what amazing grace.

And although the events of Good Friday didn’t seem so good.. they really were. No, the horrendous torture and eventual death of Jesus was not good. And no, the betrayal of so many was not good either. However, the grace and mercy and love of Jesus is so very good. He died for you…and for me. He died so that we would not have to bear our sins, but so that we could live in His eternal grace. Now that, my friends, is very good.

And to top all of that off.. Sunday’s a coming. They didn’t know what would happen on Sunday. They didn’t realize how powerful our God is or what miraculous things He can do. There is no way they could have foreseen the rising of our King for they did not believe. But, the grave could not keep. Jesus overcame death and ascended into Heaven. He is risen! He is risen, indeed!

I pray that as you celebrate the fun that Easter brings that you remember the beautiful sacrifice that our Lord and Savior made for you and for so many. And I pray that you will then go and spread the good news.. because He is risen and no one is exempt from God’s saving grace.

“Jesus Died My Soul to Save” By: Pocket Full of Rocks

I stand amazed at your love for me
That lonely night in Gethsemane
This sinner’s heart can’t help but thrill
To hear you pray Father not my will

What depth of love, what reach of grace
O how my grateful heart now aches
To sing it louder the refrain
Jesus died my soul to save

Atonement full, applied to me
The blood that spilled at Calvary
Has swallowed all my sin and shame
Now reconciled, in Jesus’ name

O such pleasure, o such pain
The Father’s wrath and fury laid
On Christ whom saints and angels praise
Jesus died my soul to save

Come you broken bound by sin
Let your weary journey end
Come and lay your burdens down
Where mercy rules and peace abounds

What can wash away my sin
Nothin’ but the blood
What can make me whole again
Nothin’ but the blood