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If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll know that I may or may not have gone over the top about my irritation with my husband. Looking back, I probably exaggerated just a tad. And before we continue.. you must know this. I absolutely adore my husband. And for those of you that really know us, you know we’ve been together for like 8 or so years. We dated from high school, through college and the years thereafter and finally got married in a snowstorm in January of 2010. If getting married in a blizzard wasn’t a sure sign of our dedication and loyalty to each other, then I don’t know what is. I adore this man and cannot wait to grow old with him.. to have little seven pound babies with, to go on family vacations with, to invest in new opportunities with and to sit on the front porch with in our oh-so-awesome rocking chairs (thanks sis!). I am so blessed to have met ‘the one’ at seventeen and I pray that each of you find your ‘one’ as you continue down your journey of life (if you haven’t already).

And if you are ready to gag yourself with a spoon or poke out one of eyes from hearing all this gushy love stuff, please don’t. For one, I value you and who you are, but I’m also fairly sure you’ll regret only having one eye. But.. to the point. The gushy love stuff may annoy you because you haven’t found that special someone, but don’t lose hope. And definitely don’t settle. God has someone perfect out there just for you. That person has been specifically created and designed by God JUST FOR YOU! (How incredibly awesome is that?!?) Really think about that. There is a man out there that was designed by God purposely to be your husband, to love you unconditionally. God planned that. And you may have already met him.. or you may still be in that waiting period. But, don’t give up on seeking him out. When you find him, you’ll know.

And while you’re in this waiting period of life, work on yourself. Work on who you want to be and work towards who God has called you to be. The more time you spend ‘perfecting’ yourself, the more you are preparing yourself for your ‘match made in heaven’. Spend this time of independence serving others and doing things you necessarily won’t be as free to do once you’re in a committed relationship. Just live life. If you’re too consumed with finding Mr. Right, you may end up with Mr. Wrong. Follow God’s plan.. and just wait. It will happen when you least expect it. And when it happens.. it’s oh-so-glorious. Believe me, I know.

{okay, I promise I won’t be gushy tomorrow.}