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Sometimes people get on my nerves. Okay, probably more than just sometimes as I tend to be a pretty impatient and highly irritable person. And most of the time it’s my husband. Love him to death, but geez.

I mentioned our dinner plan for the evening and all he did was criticize it. And any other suggestion I made immediately got turned down. All he wanted to do was do a quick-fix by eating out. But, I said no. Our bank account is wearing pretty thin these days since chemotherapy (read more about there here) seems to be sucking most of it up and we just don’t have the luxury of eating out every night. So, yes, he got on my nerves. Big time. And it doesn’t help the situation by him yet again, not doing the ONE thing I’ve asked him to do everyday for the past week. Sometimes, I just want to shake him by the shoulders and scream some sense into him.

Can you imagine how God feels? How often do we veer from God’s path and not do what He has called us to do? I’m pretty sure that’s a daily occurrence for me.. how about you? He politely calls our name time and time again and we just look in the other direction. Or we hear Him calling, but blatantly ignore Him. And sometimes, we just downright fight with Him about it. I probably give God the biggest headaches sometimes. Thankfully, God is so much more patient with all of us than we are with other people. He never wants to wring our neck or slap us upside the head. He patiently waits for us, continually seeking us out.

I’m so thankful God is much more patient with me than I am with others. I pray that my heart can one day grow to be as patient and calm as He calls it to be.