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Baseball is back! I couldn’t be happier. If you know me or my husband even the slightest bit, I’m sure you know we are both huge baseball fans. I love every single tiny, little part of baseball, from seeing a young boy’s face as he approaches a major league ballpark for the first time to stuffing my face with horrible, but oh so delicious junk food from the concession stand. I love it all.

Christopher and I attended the Nationals/Braves game yesterday in D.C. It was the first time in a long time that I didn’t lug my giant DSLR camera to a game and boy was it nice. I had nothing to worry about. I didn’t have to worry about someone possibly stealing my precious gem and I wasn’t distracted throughout the game by my excessive obsession of taking photos. It was nice to go and just… be. And on top of not taking my camera bag, I also didn’t take a purse. It. was. awesome. I had two free hands to carry as much concession junk food as possible. GLORIOUS.

Throughout the game, there was a gentleman sitting behind us that hit every nerve I have. He kept repeating himself and bragging about he had season tickets and hadn’t missed a game in years. One of his obnoxious stories he kept repeating was how my imaginary boyfriend, Chipper Jones and him shared the same birthday. He was saying how nice it must be to be Chipper and to be married to a Hooters girl and to make millions of dollars a year doing something he loves. And he said that he was just a nobody, a loser.

And while I wanted to punch this guy in the face numerous times throughout the game for his annoying phrases and offensive language, I really felt bad for the guy. Maybe he was just exaggerating about his ‘loserness,’ but still, I felt bad.

Have you ever felt like a loser? Too often we compare ourselves to others that we end up diminishing the wonderful blessings that surround us. I was ‘stalking’ a friend on Facebook the other day and I saw how successful she was at her job and to be honest, I was down right jealous. In comparison, I felt like a loser. But then, I sat back and really looked at my life. I have a wonderfully loving family, a husband that adores me and a pretty nice paying job in a crappy economy. And that’s just a short snippet of my long list of blessings. I didn’t let the green bug of envy take over. I am not a loser. And neither are you.

We may not ever be millionaires or models or rockstars. But friend, you are special and your life is full of blessings. For one, you are a special child of God who loves you unconditionally; there is no greater blessing than realizing that. Don’t ever think of yourself as loser because you’re not. You have so many beautiful things inside you just waiting to get out and shine for the Lord. We may ‘fail’ at times, but as I said here, failure is not final. God keeps loving us and believing in us. And He has an incredibly unique plan mapped out just for you, so don’t spend all your time wishing it away. Greater things are in store when we put our trust in the Lord.