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Christopher and I lead a 1st/2nd grade class every Wednesday night at our church for a program called L.O.L. (Live Out Loud). Preschoolers through fifth graders are invited each week to dive into the Word of God a little differently than we do on Sundays. L.O.L. is a fun, fast-paced, loud, crazy time and I love it. The kids run into the sanctuary singing screaming “Live Life Loud” by Hawk Nelson (You can view the official video here.) and bouncing beach balls all over the place. There is even a pop challenge where the kids play against the adults and whoever wins gets to spray silly string all over the other person. The adults have yet to win. Christopher got silly stringed last week and boy do I wish that I had my camera on me. Needless to say, it is definitely a wild and crazy time.

However, amongst all of the commotion, there is a really great theme that is the backbone to each session during the Lenten Season. The latter part of Hebrews 12:1 says, “Run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” For the past few weeks, we’ve been teaching the children what it means to be determined, to never give up and to always rely on Jesus. Hopefully, they are starting to catch on, but what about you? Are you running the race with perseverance?

Whether you even realize it or not, you’re a runner. You are in the race of a lifetime! But the race of life is no 100-yard sprint; it’s a marathon. It is a marathon that is filled with potholes and bumps and detours. There even may be a few pit stops along the way. And you’re course is completely different than mine, filled with your very own obstacles. We each may be running the race, but are we running the race with the perseverance that God requires of us?

No matter how many times we may have taken the wrong path, when we run with the determination that God gives, He enables us to make that u-turn. And no matter how many times we think we are dying of thirst and feel like we can’t move another inch, God hydrates us with encouragement and strength to keep on going. It is a long race and I guarantee you it won’t be easy, but I also guarantee you that it will be totally worth it. The finish line will be absolutely unimaginable.

So, go. Get out there. Start running. Start running the race that God has planned for you. I can’t wait to see you at the finish line.