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Have you ever seen the commercial by Best Buy introducing their Buy Back Program? You can view it online here. In the commercial, Best Buy explains that when new versions of technology come out, you can trade in the old and put the money towards getting the new version.

As humans, let’s face it, we’re never satisfied. We are constantly wanting the latest thing thinking it will make us happy. I’m sure we’ve all said, “life would be good if only I could have….” or “I would finally be happy if….” So, we are inherently lured in by the media. We buy, buy, buy and when we think we’ve finally ‘caught up with the Jones,’ something new comes out and then we head back shopping. Our new car will one day be old and beat up, the 3-D tv that was just bought will one day be outdone by 4G, 5G and so on. We are just never truly satisfied.

The real problem lies in that we are seeking happiness in all the wrong places. No matter how much we adore those new leopard pumps we just bought or the diamonds we were given for Christmas, those things can never give us what we truly crave. Happiness cannot be found at the mall.

So maybe you don’t have a shopping addiction like I do and could care less about the latest ‘hit’ thing, but you’re bound to seek happiness somewhere. Maybe you seek happiness at the bar, in pleasing others, by working 24/7 in order to get a promotion, etc. Whatever it may be.. it won’t fulfill your desire to be truly happy.

We can only find true happiness in the Lord. He is the only One that can help us realize our worth and our value here on earth. While material possessions may bring us temporary joy, true contentment and happiness in life can only be found in the one, true God. I personally believe that having a relationship with God through Jesus Christ is the most important key to finding true happiness.

Psalms 16:11 says, “In Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”

Knowing the One who made you, who planned your every feature and personality trait, who saw every day of your life before you were born – this is the foundation of your happiness. I say this because through our relationship with Christ, we find who we are and who we are meant to be, both of which are a prerequisite to finding happiness.

When we seek happiness in worldly things, we are essentially ignoring our need for God in our life. When we ignore Him, things don’t seem to work properly. God created us to have a relationship with Him; He completes us. When we try to complete our life with false idols, our relationship with Christ diminishes and we end up losing the happiness that we once found in Him. Psalms 144:15 says, “Happy are the people whose god is the Lord!” So, instead of seeking happiness in all the wrong things, turn to God to find true, everlasting joy. He gives us all that we need to live a life overflowing with happiness.

“Joy” by: Newsboys (You can listen to the video here.)

You give my joy thats unspeakable
And I like it, I like it yeah
Your love for me irresistible
I can’t fight it, I can’t fight it

If life is water, I was dry as the Tucson dirt
If it’s a gamble, I’d already lost my shirt
If it’s a journey, I was dazed without a clue
I flipped a “U” back to the first love I ever knew

You give me joy that’s unspeakable
And I like it, and I like it yeah
Your love for me is irresistible
I can’t fight it, I can’t fight it yeah
You carried the cross and took my shame
I believe it, I believe it yeah
You shine your light of amazing grace
I receive it, I receive it yeah

If life’s a battle, the invasion is complete
If it’s a rhythm, I have found the perfect beat
If it’s a renaissance, I’ve got a new birthday
The world don’t give it
And the world can’t take it away


Bowed and broken, everything’s new
All that I need, you’re like water to seed
And how your love, rights everything wrong
In my weakness, You’re ever stronger
You’re pulling me back where I belong