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In the middle of the fabric section at Jo-Ann Fabrics, I almost lost it. The lady helping me..err attempting to help me had to have been the least helpful person I’ve encountered in a long time (besides the lady at the DMV, but that was just expected). She was extremely rude, acted like I was inconveniencing her by being there and took forever even though there were 50 trillion people in line. If you know me or my family at all, you’ll already know that I have the same level of patience as my father, which is zilch, nada, none, not a single ounce. And it seems to always be worse at retail locations or on the road. So, this lady was just bringing me to my boiling point, but then I remembered something.

Thanks to a friend, I am able to hear some of the insights from the Upper Room via her Facebook page. And the prayer this morning was “Loving God, help us to know others so that we may love them. Teach us not to judge but to listen. Amen”

No. I didn’t ask the lady why she was being a total (insert not very nice word here) or why she hated her job so much, but I did try to put myself in her shoes. I thought maybe she’s a single mom working two jobs or maybe she is working full time to put herself through school. I have no idea what’s going on in her life to make her that cranky, but it’s not my place to judge. True, she may just be a total jerk, but I opted to give her the benefit of the doubt.

We all can be cranky sometimes..just ask my husband. But try to keep in mind how often we would like to be given the benefit of the doubt when we are sourpusses.. And then return the favor to others in return. God calls us to love other people…without question. He loves us when we’re selfish, when we’re prideful and even when we’re angry. He wants us to show that same kind of unconditional love for others. Why do we feel people need to earn our love…? I have no idea. God freely and so graciously gives us His love… It’s about time we start showing that love to others.

The next time you’re like me and about to blow a gasket, think twice and show them the love that you would want to be shown no matter how unloveable you may seem.