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I have amazing parents.. truly amazing parents.

Growing up I was a self-centered, stubborn, little brat. I’ll admit it. I thought the world literally revolved around me. And I would pick fights with people just to prove others wrong. And even on the rare occasions where I was wrong, I wouldn’t back down. My mom would constantly use the expression, “If I said the sky was blue, you would argue with me that it was yellow.. just for the sake of arguing.” I had to be right; there was no way around it. Sure, I was probably the most adorable kid you’d ever seen, but I was a major pain the butt. I didn’t realize it back then obviously, but believe me, boy do I now. My parents put up with a lot of crap. And never once did they stop loving me.

To this day, my parents are still my #1 fan and would go to the ends of the earth to lend me a hand. Too many times do I take for granted their everlasting love for me. And way too often do I let the things they do for me go unappreciated or even unacknowledged. When it comes to gifts, not to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty good at saying thanks. However, it’s the small things that I usually appreciate the most that go by the wayside.

For instance, my dad loves to cook. He enjoys pleasing people by making these grandiose twelve course meals and preparing our favorite dinners. Sure, we say thank you and tell him how much we enjoyed the meal, but does he really know how much we appreciate them? I’m not sure he does. There is nothing better than a home cooked meal, especially when you don’t have to make it. I can’t thank my dad enough for those wonderful meals he has prepared over the years. I love getting together at my parents’ house, laughing, playing games, watching movies and devouring my dad’s latest creation. Yumm. I enjoy spending that time together more than he probably knows… even if he does fall asleep in his chair. On Super Bowl this past year, my parents came over to my house. We agreed that they would make three things and we would as well. My dad shows up to my house carrying nineteen million different items. And he didn’t just make random dishes. He learned how to cook fried pickles for my mom and made one of my favorite desserts. And with Christopher being insanely picky, he always makes an alternative dish that he knows without a doubt that he’ll like. My dad shows his love through his cooking and I’m not complaining. I pray my dad knows how grateful we are for all his hard work and dedication in the kitchen. One word: my dad is thoughtful.

My dad and I after the ceremony.

My mom on the other hand hates to cook. She was the designated cook for years and years before my dad took up the hobby and I know her efforts went completely unappreciated. But, so did all of the projects she helped out with at two in the morning, the books she ran to the high school because I left them at home, the softball games she never missed, the list goes on. My dad was definitely the moneymaker of the family. He traveled more than any of us ever wanted, but did a wonderful job providing for my family, while still being an awesome dad. Now that I’m an adult, I realize how many sacrifices he made over the years in order to provide for us. I may not have understood it then, but I so appreciate it now. And because of my dad’s job, my mom was able to stay at home with us. However, being a stay at home mom was no piece of cake (as I’m sure many of you can attest to). She was there for us… no questions asked. I know both of my parents would do anything for my family and will for as long as they live. Their love for my sister and I is so strong that I can only hope and pray that I can one day be half the parent they have been to us.

If you don’t know, my mom currently has a crazy work schedule, working 60+ hours a week, leaving little time to relax or do anything for herself. She gets off work tonight at 8pm. Instead of catching up on some much needed sleep or taking some time for herself, she is coming over to my house to help me make some items for my upcoming Chrysalis weekend. Without a second thought, she agreed to help and she even agreed to bring dinner. My mom is awesome. And while I asked her to help because the extra hands would be beneficial, I also asked because I now cherish the moments we spend together. No matter what we’re doing, I’m so thankful for those precious moments. I appreciate my mom more than she knows and too often I take her for granted. I pray that she knows how much I love her and appreciate her, even when my words are lacking. One word: my mom is selfless.

My mom and I after the wedding ceremony.

You may wonder what inspired this blog post dedicated to my parents.. It was the song, “Never Alone” by Lady Antebellum. When I heard this song, I immediately thought of my parents. I felt like they were singing it to me. “…My love will follow you, stay with you, Baby you’re never alone…”

Thank you Dad and Mom.. for loving me and always being there. You’re appreciated much more than you know.