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We officially have become a family of four (which reminds me.. I need to update my “about” section). Friday night after my last Chrysalis teaming, Christopher and I drove through the night to Philadelphia. We arrived in Philly around 5am on Saturday. We toured the area.. by the way, if you’ve never been to Philly.. you aren’t missing much. (Sorry Philly locals, but to be fair.. Richmond doesn’t have much to offer either.) We enjoyed taking photos of Love Park, some buildings with amazing architectural features, all of the sport stadiums and the giant dominos and chess pieces in the middle of downtown.

Oh.. quick, funny story. If you ever happen to be traveling to a city and plan on arriving before 6am, go to the bathroom at the last rest stop before going downtown. When we got to the city, we drove around for almost 45 minutes looking for a stupid bathroom. The gas stations wouldn’t let us use their bathroom. McDonald’s, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, etc. weren’t open yet.. (Are there really no 24-hour joints in Philly?!?) And 7-Eleven was closed to restock the shelves. We had NO WHERE to go. We tried random buildings, the metro, everything. No luck. Finally, we ended up in the Emergency Room. No joke. We parked and took turns going in and sweet talking the security guards to let us use their bathroom. Can we say, lifesaver?!

Anyhooo.. so after driving around downtown Philly.. we met up with one of my best friends Tina for breakfast at a local diner. I couldn’t be that close to her and NOT see her. So, we met up for some grub before she headed to work. It was so nice to see her and catch up, even if it was only for a little while. Afterwards, we traveled through some shady side streets to get my dad a Philly Cheesesteak. He had never had an ‘official’ one and we couldn’t go to Philly and not bring him back one. We got him one from Pat’s King of Steaks.. which came highly recommended from a friend of mine on my Chrysalis team (thanks Lori A.), as well some of Tina’s friends. We got the sandwich and went on our way.

Now.. for the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Christopher and I went to Philly to adopt another dog. We met up with Jamie, the Foster Mom, from Adopt a Boxer Rescue. After a hour or so of playing, we decided to adopt Mason. Twizzler and Mason (whose name will definitely be changed) got along wonderfully and he seemed to be a perfect fit for our family. He is a big fella and loves to play. We signed all the adoption papers and were on our way. We piled all four of us up in my tiny, little Saturn and drove home. (TIME OUT: please take a minute to picture this. Myself, Christopher, Twizzler and Mason all in a small Saturn ION. Can we say disastrous? Well, it wasn’t nearly as bad as we had thought, but it definitely was quite cramped. Thankfully, they were both sleepy from all the excitement and slept most of the drive home.)

Mason playing on our bed.

We love our new addition. Twizzler is having a little trouble getting used to not being the only child anymore, but she’ll get used to it. They seem to love playing together and we are so excited to be a family of four. Please pray for us as we go through this transition. I’m sure it’s hard for Mason to get used to a new home and new people. And it’s obviously hard for Twizzler to not be the center of attention anymore and to have to share us with her new brother. It’s definitely a transitional period for the Kerns family, so please pray for everything to go smoothly.

Mason and Twizzler during the car ride home.

(In case you’re concerned.. we did not get Mason to replace Twizzler. Because Twizzler seems to be doing well with her treatment, we wanted to get her a new friend to play with and keep her spirits up as she goes through chemo. We had talked about getting another dog for a while and once we found Mason, he seemed to be a perfect fit. We did not want to wait any longer in case Twizzler did get sick because that would make the transition even harder for her. And we didn’t want to have a period in our life where we were without a dog because we never wanted to get a dog just to replace that feeling of loss. It has been a leap of faith for our family and we know this is just another wonderful step in God’s plan for us. God has brought Mason into our lives for a reason and we are so excited to see our family grow. Hopefully you all understand the decision we made and can rejoice with us as we celebrate our new addition!)

Mason in the front seat.