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When was the last time you had to build something from scratch? Probably Christmas. You may have bought a doll house for your daughter that comes in a box with nine million pieces. Or maybe you bought a truckload of materials to build your son a playground in the background.

Most of the time, we start out by following the directions and then we get about half way through and we get frustrated. Things don’t seem to be going correctly and we just get more and more mad. We decide to take control by dismissing the written instructions and doing what we think needs to be done. We start doing our own thing…and then..disaster strikes.

Barbie ends up having Ken’s legs and the treehouse in the backyard isn’t even strong enough to support an ant. When we go off on our own, thinking we can be successful without the necessary instructions, we end up failing. If we had just stayed on course, the project would be finished and in it’s desired condition. Too often we think we know better, only to realize later how wrong we were.

How many times does this happen in our relationships with God? He lays out a perfect plan for our life and if we follow His instructions, we won’t be hurt, feel pain or regret any decisions made. When following God’s plan, life is good. Sure, there might be a few bumps in the road, but when we know it’s part of His plan, it is a lot easier to get through. When we start thinking we can tackle life on our own, that’s when things get scary.

God has a perfect plan for your life. It’s up to you to start following His instructions.