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Orange juice is full of calcium… that’s no hidden secret. We all know that orange juice is the best thing to drink when you’re under the weather. I just bought another gallon at the grocery store and am drinking my 400th glass of the day. Since I have no appetite and haven’t eaten since yesterday morning, orange juice is currently my best friend.

Anyhooo. We turn to good ol’ OJ when we’re sick, but what about the other 351 days of the year (assuming you’re sick about two weeks of the calendar year)? I usually stick to coffee, water, coffee, chocolate milk (of which my husband refers to as his version of “crack”), some adult beverages and coffee. I don’t even really think about OJ when I’m not sick. But, what’s odd is that if the calcium in OJ is  so good for you when you’re sick, why wouldn’t it be good for you when you’re healthy?  The thing is, it’s still good for you…but we only turn to it when we need it.

The same tends to be true of the Bible. Reading the Bible on a daily basis can do extraordinary things for your faith and relationship with God. However, most of us only turn to the Bible when we need to reference scripture or in Sunday School. We skim through to find an uplifting verse for a friend who is grieving or a word of encouragement for someone who is embarking on a new journey in life. We use it only when we need it.

But what would happen if we started reading the Bible everyday? Instead of just turning to scripture in times of need, what if we used it to prepare us for the day every single day? Wouldn’t we be that much more prepared when something does happen? Just like the orange juice, there will be times when we need it more than others, but if we use it every day our bodies and minds are that much stronger.

So, go ahead. Go get yourself a giant glass of OJ and while you’re at it, pull out your Bible and dive right in.