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We had friends over tonight and while we had a great time, I’m glad the night is over. My day at work was crazy hectic, as in “I better not ever have a day like that again or I’m gonna go mad” kind of day… And I think I know I’m getting sick. It’s one of those chest congestion types of sick, where you feel like your lungs are caving in and you’re going to cough up your stomach. It was just one of those horribly dreadful days that we all hate. And now, I’m just so ready for bed.

However, looking back on the day, I’m still so grateful that it happened. I really am. I am blessed with a nice paying job that pays our mountain of bills, wonderful friends that laugh at my jokes and a beautiful home to host people in for dinner. And now, I get to lay my head down on a soft pillow in my insanely comfy bed with my precious dog at my feet and my loving husband cuddling next to me. I may be coughing up a lung during the night but at least I’ll be comfortable doing it.

Have you ever had one of those days that you just wish never happened? I’m sure we all have. Next time you have one, look back on your day and find some of the positive things in your life. No matter how bad your day gets, there is always something to still be thankful for.