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I’m absolutely in awe of God.

I started this blog on January 11th, a little over a month ago. I half expected only my mother to be reading it, but was hoping for something more. I knew this blog was part of God’s plan for me and was an avenue for me to communicate with others what God has been doing in my life. It’s been such a growing experience for me and has strengthened my relationship with God in ways I never expected. I look for God in the little things and in new ways so that I can share what I’ve learned with all of you.

As of today, I have reached well over 2,000 views on my blog. And after just nine days into this new journey, I reached over 200 views of just one blog entry, titled a word of thanks, which you’ll find here. Your comments on my blog give me such great encouragement and support and I treasure each and every one of them. The statistics of my viewership continue to blow my mind. And it doesn’t even include any views through Google Reader or email. All of this just continues to give me assurance that I’m doing God’s work and fulfilling His calling.

I’m not sure where all of you are coming from or who you are, but it excites my heart that you keep coming back. And I’d like to get to know you all more. Communication is not just important with our God, but with each other so that we may in turn lift each other up in prayer. Comment on the blog posts as you feel led so that I can get to know you and the struggles you are facing. I’d love to know how God is working in your life or even how a blog post has impacted your life. It gives me the encouragement I need to keep writing and will give me the opportunity to lift each of you up in prayer, just as many of you have done for me.

I’m so anxious to see how God continues to work in me and through this blogging journey. Have you ever thought of blogging about this crazy adventure we call life? Or do you already have a blog? If so, please share your blog’s web address in the comments so that I can follow your faithful walk with Christ. Maybe it’s not about faith, but rather a DIY blog or about being a ‘super mommy.’ Whatever your blog is about, I’d love to read it so I can learn more about you.

Thank you for your continued devotion to this blog and I look forward to seeing how God uses it to change the world .. make some sort of impact. 🙂