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As most of you know, Twizzler is part of the Companions in Crisis program through Fetch A Cure. A photographer came to our house today to photograph Twizzler for some of their marketing materials. While we were outside with the photographer, Skittles (our parents’ dog who has been staying at our house the past few days) was left inside so she wouldn’t distract Twizzler during the shoot.

As Twizzler was bribed with treats in order to pose correctly for the camera, Skittles was whining inside. Skittles was jealous of Twizzler. She wanted to be outside just like her, being showered with love and attention. Skittles sat at the window, crying with jealousy. She so longed to be the one outside receiving all of the attention.

What Skittles does not realize is that Twizzler is only getting the attention because she has cancer. Without her cancer, we wouldn’t have any ties to Fetch A Cure and there would be no reason for a photographer to come to our house. Without knowing all the details, Skittles was filled with jealousy.

As humans, aren’t we the exact same way? We often find ourselves sitting on the inside looking out of a window so longing for something someone else has. A friend may have a really nice job that pays extremely well, but maybe we don’t realize how much she sacrifices at home to keep her job. Another friend may seem like she has the perfect husband, but behind closed doors maybe they fight all the time. And another friend may have all the nicest clothes and latest gadgets, but all those material items can’t buy her happiness.

We often fill ourselves with envy when we look at other people’s lives without realizing all the blessings we have in our own. The old saying “the grass isn’t always greener” is so very true. Take a look at your own life. Instead of wishing yours away, thank God for all the wonderful blessings He has bestowed upon you. When we take a minute to realize just how blessed we really are, the little green bug of envy starts to disappear.