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As I sit here and watch The Biggest Loser, I’m reminded just how important a good support system is. Whether you are trying to lose weight, pursue a dream, or just do something you’ve never done before, it is crucial to your success that you have a good support system. And you may even have different people in place for different goals. Most likely the person who is encouraging you in your weight loss is not the same person who is supporting you in your walk with God and helping you be better with your finances. And if you happen to have one person to help you with all of your goals, then hold on to them and never let them go..because that is one special person.

Think about who your support systems are. Are they fulfilling their duties to the best of their abilities? Are they encouraging you to do your best? Are they showing their love for you through the setbacks you face? Are they pushing you to do better? Instead of hindering your success, are these people helping bring out things in you that you never thought were possible? If they aren’t, maybe they aren’t the right person.

I have some support systems in place that I know are working, but I also have a couple that probably need to change. Take a look at those around you and find out who those people are that are going to do whatever it takes to help you become the best you. Make the changes necessary so you can continue on your journey, no matter what your goal is.