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During our anniversary trip, we visited this gorgeous winery. If you are into that kind of thing or have never been to one before, definitely go. Learn more about Williamsburg Winery here. It’s such an awesome learning experience and it’ll make you appreciate each and every glass of wine you ever drink. While it was still a great experience in the winter, I suggest going in the late Spring when the vineyard is in full ‘bloom’ (or whatever the technical term is…).

White wine barrels at Williamsburg Winery

After seeing the hundreds of barrels that flooded the winery, besides making me thirsty, it made me realize just how much wine was really in all those barrels. The wine is stored in those barrels for a really long time.. some wine is stored for years. And when the time is right, the wine is released from the barrels and gets transferred to bottles. And as the end consumer, we get to thoroughly enjoy each sip of that aged wine.

The process of storing the wine and letting it ferment allows the wine to age to perfection. When we have something we hold dear to our hearts and slowly nurture, we too see perfection in the end. Take relationships. They don’t just happen overnight. Each relationship requires care and develops slowly over time. However, with our emotions this can get a bit sticky. If we don’t allow ourselves to express our innermost thoughts or communicate our concerns to one another, we eventually explode with emotion. Instead of slowly releasing our emotions to one another as they occur, we bottle them up in an effort to hide them from the rest of the world.

Some friends of mine got married a few months before Christopher and I. They had dated throughout college and became engaged soon after graduation. They seemed perfect together and balanced each other out quite nicely. However, I learned the other day that they are getting a divorce. My immediate thought was that one of them cheated on the other…seemed to be the only logical thing since they were such a great couple. Turns out it was a lot of little things that they let build up. They each bottled up their emotions and continued to act as if life was perfectly fine. I’m assuming that after months of bottling up these emotions, the walls broke and their emotions came spilling out.

Are you bottling up any emotions? Keeping these things to yourself won’t help the situation no matter how much you think it might. Communication is key in any relationship. And even if its hard to talk about at first, it will be worth it in the end. The same goes for your relationship with God. Don’t hold back anything from your Maker. He knows your innermost thoughts and trying to withhold anything from God will only distance yourself further from Him. Open up to Him, show Him your emotions..just like with a friend or a spouse, it will bring you closer than ever before.