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When did you type your last text? Or make a phone call, write an email, watch tv, search Google..etc.? I’m guessing you’ve done at least one of these in the past five minutes. So when was the last time you went a whole day without any technology? Was it before you owned a smart phone or was it before Internet was even invented? I’m sure that would have been my answer, up until this past weekend.

As part of our anniversary getaway, my husband and I decided to go without any technology. No cell phone, no Facebook, no email, no television. We didn’t even use the radio. After finishing our delicious meal on Saturday evening, we came back to our room at the bed & breakfast. I poured a glass of wine and Chris popped open a beer. Normally on any other given night, we would have ordered a movie or watched something from our DVR. But not tonight, we simply sat there and enjoyed each other’s company.

We talked about stupid little things, personal things and even some much deeper things. It was like we were 17 again staying up until 2am talking on the phone. And yes, we even brought back the 20 questions game except it was MUCH harder this time since we know almost everything about each other. In my opinion, it was the best part of our weekend. We didn’t worry about checking the score of the ballgame or ‘stalking’ people on Facebook; we just sat and talked without interruption.

It’s crazy how technology has changed our lives. We go through withdrawals when Grey’s Anatomy is a repeat two weeks in row. And we shoot over texts to each other instead of picking up the phone or even having a face to face meeting. And we are constantly checking in on other people’s lives via Facebook, but we end up missing out on our own.

I challenge you to take an evening and spend it with your family without any technology. I know in today’s world that going a whole day without technology isn’t as feasible, especially because of work. So, take just one evening and see how it differs from a normal night in your house. I’m sure your kids will complain because they want to watch tv or play video games, but resist! Spend some time with your family playing cards or a board game. Plan a girls night where you sit, talk and drink a few glasses of wine. Cook dinner with your spouse and enjoy a candlelit dinner for just the two of you… no music, no television, just the two of you.

It will strengthen your friendships, your relationships with your kids and even with your spouse. One of my fondest memories as a child is playing board games until midnight with my parents… all of us sitting around the table, chowing down on appetizers, laughing our heads off and watching my sister lose almost every game… who am I kidding.. I still love those game nights. 🙂