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God has a very funny way of getting things done…doesn’t he? He speaks to us through song, a memory, an experience…the list goes on and on. God recently spoke to me in a dream.

No, he didn’t tell me to go build an ark or even to go on a mission trip to Africa. God simply spoke to me by placing someone in my dream. I was having a weird and crazy dream that made absolutely no sense, but within it all a close friend from my past appeared for a surprise visit. He wasn’t in the dream long, but when I woke up I distinctly remembered him being there. I went about my day thinking nothing of it until I came across his profile on Facebook. I decided to message him and see how he was doing. It turned out that he was actually going through a situation that I had once gone through myself. He was confused and needed some help. I was able to talk to him and give some advice.

I firmly believe God placed him in my dream that previous night for that very purpose. No, his problem was not life threatening, but I was able to help him in a way maybe no one else could. God works in mysterious ways and I’m so very thankful for that. I love seeing how He shows up and reveals Himself in the weirdest ways.

Remember to keep your eye out this week to see how God speaks to you. His presence is not always that prevalent, but when you’re truly listening for God, you’ll hear Him.