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I could tell you about the time I forged a teacher’s signature in high school and ended up getting caught, or about the time I got drunk my freshman year in college just to impress my softball team… or I could dig a little deeper. And that is part of this blog’s purpose.. So here it is..

I’m scared I won’t find my true calling. I have a great job, but I don’t feel like its what God has called me to do. My parents paid for my wonderful college education and I wouldn’t change the experience I had for the world, but what if I majored in the wrong things? I double majored in graphic design and advertising and minored in marketing. But now that I look back, were those the right choices? I love the world of advertising, but I haven’t found an advertising job that makes my mind spin and my heart skip a beat. (Who would have known that a job should even do that??) But I feel it should. I want a job that I love to wake up and go to. A job that I know I’m making a difference at, that God has called me to do. I just pray that I find it sooner than later. Once kids come along (don’t worry.. no time soon) I’m afraid I’ll be stuck in a job for convenience and won’t ever get out.

If you are having these same feelings of self-doubt about your future or anything else, just know you aren’t alone. We’ll get through this together.