Sara & John | Married


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Sara and John’s wedding was absolutely beautiful. It took place on a gorgeous Saturday at the Tides Inn in Irvington, Virginia. The waterfront setting was stunning, but not near as stunning as the bride. I felt so honored to be a part of their day as family and friends from all over the country poured in to show their love and support for Sara and John. And the love the couple has for each other was so evident – from the look in their eyes during their first look to their personal and heartfelt vows.

The reception decorations were simple, yet elegant with wine corks as placeholders and birdcages filled with hydrangeas and babies breath as the centerpieces. The cocktails, photo booth, and dancing made for a night full of laughter! Their guests were so entertaining that is was hard to not want to join in.

Sara and John, your day was simply wonderful! It was such a joy for me to watch your family and friends surround you with love. Thanks for having me along!

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Sara & John | Wedding


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A quick glimpse into my wedding yesterday at The Tides Inn in Irvington, Virginia. Congratulations, Sara and John! Your day couldn’t have been any more perfect!


while i’m waiting.


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Ever been in a period of your life where you’re just stuck and left feeling empty? Well, I can honestly say you’re not alone.

I’ve been crying out to God for some time in hopes of finding purpose in my life. Purpose beyond being a loving wife.. and even fulfilling my dreams of being a photographer. While both of these things bring a joyful purpose to my life, I long for something in my life that helps change the lives of those around me. I’m a passionate person and seek to do something with my life that has meaning… something that… (for a lack of better words) changes the world. Continue reading

Gwen & Len | Wedding Sneak Peek


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This beautiful couple has a relationship that will warm your heart. Their love and passion for each other is truly infectious. It was such a joy to celebrate with them on their special day. Congratulations Gwen and Len!!

Sara & Scott | Engagement Sneak Peek


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Sara and Scott are seriously such a fun, easy-going couple! It was insanely humid on Saturday, but that didn’t stop us from hitting up Shockoe Bottom and Carytown for their engagement session. I can’t wait to share with you a full preview of their session, but until then.. here is a quick sneak peek!

very inspiring blogger award.


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Apparently… I’m pretty inspiring… so much so that I was awarded with the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. To be honest, this came at a complete surprise. I started this blog last year as a simple way to grow in my faith. I figured the more I blogged, the more I would dive in to God’s word.. it was really all for me and then I found out that other people were actually reading it. And not just my mother (even though she’s my number one fan). As I began more and more accustomed to blogging, I decided to incorporate my photography business into this same blog. Some would criticize that you shouldn’t mix your faith with your business… but I say.. I have nothing to hide.. or to be ashamed of. My faith is a HUGE part of who I am and I’ve never really understood the purpose or benefit of separating my faith from the rest of my life. It is who I am. So, I have this blog… a little photography, a little faith, a little family, a little bit of my life. And apparently it seems to be inspiring to some of you and that makes my heart overflow. Continue reading

the mr. and mrs.


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As I was preparing for Ashley and Brian’s wedding, knowing that theirs was only the beginning to this year’s wedding season, I thought about making something creative to be used as a prop. Sure, I thought about banners, chalkboard signs and the like, but I wanted something a little different. And so I came up with these:

I know a few of you on my facebook page were asking me how I made them.. and in case you’re looking to make something like this, here is how I did it. (And please ignore the low quality photos.. it was spur of the moment and used my iphone.) Continue reading

Ashley & Brian | Married


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Back when I took their engagement photos in March, I knew Ashley and Brian would be so fun to work with on their wedding day.. and boy was I right! Their fun personalities really came to life when we were out on the golf course at Stonehenge Country Club getting some bridal party photos. And their friends in their bridal party are just as fun as well! Ashley truly made a beautiful bride.. and of course, Brian was as handsome as ever. Their love is absolutely infectious and it was truly an honor to be able to capture their special day. Enjoy!

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